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FearNet Has Nothing To Fear But 'Fear Itself'

Online and on-demand service FearNet has secured the rights to unscreened episodes of anthology series Fear Itself.
Comcast-owned FearNet has acquired the rights to five unseen installments of Mick Garris' suspense and horror series, Fear Itself, which ran on NBC last summer. The episodes, one per day, will debut in high-definition, beginning on Sept. 2 at and will become accessible shortly thereafter on Fearnet on Demand.
In addition to being the exclusive destination for the full-length episodes, FearNet will also unveil exclusive online and on demand content for the series. This will range from director intros and behind-the-scenes featurettes, to special shot-by-shot analyses of key scenes by the series' directors.
FearNet will premiere Spirit Box (Sept. 2), Echoes (Sept. 3), The Circle (Sept. 4), Something With Bite (Sept. 5) and Chance (Sept. 6), before encoring all of them on Labor Day, Sept. 7.