FearNet Engages In Its Own 'March Madness'

Forget about which team Georgetown will demolish in the first round. Who do you have going to the Evil Eight?

FearNet is about to summon a little "March Madness" of its own, with an interactive tournament called “Death March: Tournament of Blood.”

Comcast’s hybrid online-video-on-demand service has assembled 64 of the most horrific team imaginable, captained by some of filmdom’s all-time scariest men, women and other worldly creatures. Instead of wielding jump shots and slam dunks, these clubs’ arsenals include chainsaws and claws.

Death March players must select the winners – just as college hoops enthusiasts do with their March Madness picks – through the opening rounds of four 16-team brackets, all the way through the Sinister 16, Evil Eight, Fearsome Four, and finally The Finals, which will unfold April 7-8.

FearNet challenges you to join the carnage by registering at www.fearnet.com/deathmarch and filling out brackets through March 19.

In each round, fans vote on who would likely win the fight to the death and the team with the most votes, advances to the next round. As the rounds progress, victims with the most points from picking the winner of each death match have the chance to win prizes, including the grand prize of a $5,000 home entertainment system. 

Presented by the theatrical The Ruins, the Death March: Tournament of Blood --  with such squads as the “Holiday Killers” led by Halloween’s Michael Myers;  “Killer Pets” headed by Cujo; “Disturbed Dads” captained Jack of The Shining;  and “Vampires,” whose top biter is Dracula  -- tips with opening round voting from March 20-22.   

To help players with their scary selections, FearNet has developed creepy, custom pages for each of its terrorizing teams, with “player stats,” signature moves and weaknesses.

For example, the “Possessed Kids” team’s signature move is a 360-degree head spinning, while the “Killer Puppets” weakness is the inability to defend termites. A special “Trash Talk” board will be presented throughout the tournament, where participants can post comments about their favorite teams and the upcoming match-ups.

“What makes the Death March: Tournament of Blood so distinctive is that it is truly an immersive, interactive tent-pole event,” said FearNet president Diane Robina in a statement. “Fans have always resonated with legendary horror match-ups such as Alien vs Predator or Freddy vs Jason. Death March: Tournament of Blood then is truly the ultimate ‘what if’ horror experience and water cooler conversation. By presenting this tournament in March, FearNet can leverage the spirit of a traditional sports tournament and turn it into a celebration of all things horror and thriller.”

As tournament commissioner, Robina announced that the following squads and their leaders have qualified for the Deadly Dance:

Teams and Captains

1) Killer Pets - Cujo

2) Killer Spiders - Eight Legged Freaks

3) Killer Babies - It's Alive

4) Killer Clowns – House of 1000 Corpses

5) Killer Weather - The Fog

6) Deadly Hauntings - Poltergeist

7) Killer Dolls - Child's Play (Chucky)

8) Killer Puppets - Puppet Master (Blade)

9) Killer Fish - Pirhanna

10) Killer Sharks - Jaws (Bruce)

11) Demon Books - Evil Dead (Necronomicon)

12) Possesed Kids - Exorcist (Regan)

13) Deadly Houses - Amytiville Horror

14) Underwater Creatures - Creature from the Black Lagoon

15) Slow Zombies - Dawn of the Dead

16) Fast Zombies - 28 Weeks Later

17) Vampires - Dracula

18) Killer Cars - Christine

19) Deadly Machines - The Mangler

20) Werewolves - An American Werewolf in London

21) Wolf Men - The Wolfman

22) Demonic Games - Witchboard (Ouija)

23) Witches – The Witches of Angelica Houston

24) Mummy (wrapped) - The Mummy

25) Cat People - Cat People

26) Cannibals – Hanibal Lector

27) Lords of Hell - Hellraiser (Cenobites)

28) Killer Leprechauns - Leprechaun

29) Giant Primates - King Kong

30) Giant Lizards - Godzilla

31) Satan's Offspring - The Omen (Damien)

32) Wicked Mothers - Psycho (Mrs. Bates)

33) Killer Cops - Maniac Cop

34) Backwood Killers - Wrong Turn

35) Killer Birds - The Birds

36) Holiday Killers - Halloween (Michael Meyers)

37) Female Slashers - Sleepaway Camp (Angela)

38) J-Horror Ghosts - The Grudge (Blue Kid)

39) Masked Slashers - Friday the 13th (Jason V.)

40) Step Parents - The Stepfather

41) Sugar Daddies - Candyman

42) Rock & Rollers - Repo

43) Superhuman Killers - Hatchet (VC)

44) Real Life Serial Killers - Ted Bundy

45) Gremlins -  Gremlins

46) Man Made Monsters - Frankenstein’s Monster

47) Invisible Killers - Invisible man

48) Aliens - Alien

49) Killer Fruits/Veggies - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

50) Mad Scientists - Dr Frankenstein

51) Djins - Wishmaster (Djin)

52) Disturbed Children – Village of the Damned

53) Killer Giants - Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

54) Dream Killers - Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy K)

55) Creepy Old People - Poltergeist 2 & 3 (Creepy Old Dude)

56) Killer Virus - Outbreak

57) Killer Mutants - Hills Have Eyes

58) Femme Fatales – Cherry Darlin

59) Masked Villians - Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Leatherface)

60) Mutant Cannibals - Chud (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers)

61) Killer Snakes - Snakes on a Plane

62) White Collar Killers - Hostel (Surgeons)

63) Disturbed Dads - The Shining (Jack)

64) FearNet Editors - FearNet Editors (Lawrence, Joe, Gab, Giaco)