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Fearless , One Tree Hill flip on WB

The WB Television Network is flipping the premieres of new dramas One Tree Hill and
Fearless, with the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced Fearless moving to
midseason and Tollin/Robbins Productions’ One Tree Hill coming on in the fall
following Gilmore Girls Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

The WB moved Fearless -- a show about a young FBI agent who lacks the
gene for fear -- at the request of Bruckheimer and Warner Bros. Television
president Peter Roth.

"We respect [Bruckheimer’s] request to give Fearless more time to
develop naturally," said Jordan Levin, The WB’s entertainment president. "Jerry
assures us he can deliver a better show for us at midseason. Since we had such a
strong program as One Tree Hill to move on to the fall schedule, it made
the decision an easy one for us."

Prior to upfronts, One Tree Hill got a lot of buzz among studio folk
as one of fall’s stronger shows.

The WB said it hopes the show will serve as a Dawson’s Creek
replacement for the youngest-skewing broadcast network.

The show is about two young men, secretly half-brothers, who dislike each
other but share a love of basketball and the same girl.

Mark Schwahn executive-produces, along with Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins and
Joe Davola.