FCC sued over indecency fine

Performance artist Sarah Jones is suing the Federal Communications Commission
and chairman Michael Powell over the agency's labeling of her work as

Noncommercial station KBOO-FM Portland, Ore., was fined $7,000 May 14 for
airing Jones' rap song, 'Your Revolution.'

The song contains sexually explicit passages condemning attitudes about
sexual liberty as little more than approval for male sexual conquest. It aired
during a two-hour show examining social and political attitudes.

Saying that other stations have been refusing to air her piece, Jones --
represented by New York-based Frankfurt Garbus Kurnit Klein & Selz PC and
attorneys for People for the American Way Foundation -- wants the court to
declare that the FCC's ruling violates her speech rights, declare that 'Your
Revolution' is not 'indecent' and enjoin the commission from enforcing its