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FCC Opens Docket on Media General and New Young Broadcasting Merger

The FCC has opened a docket on Media General's bid to merge with New Young Broadcasting.

According to the FCC, the merger would create a group consisting of 32 full-power and 17 low-power TV stations. The FCC would need to extend waivers of its multiple ownership rules in three markets. It would not require a waiver of the newspaper-TV cross-ownership rule because Berkshire Hathaway, which owns newspapers in some Media General markets, would not have an attributable interest in Media General after the merger.

The FCC said it opened the docket, which creates an online repository for comments and reply comments, to make it easier for public participation. The move follows the FCC's announcement earlier in the day to open a docket on another proposed "super group," the combo of Gannett and Belo.