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FCC Launches White Spaces Database Test March 11

The FCC Monday (March 4) announced the opening of public testing for a TV white spaces database being administered by Key Bridge Global LLC.

The database will identify the so-called white spaces between TV channels so that unlicensed devices accessing the database can use them.

A 45-day test period starts March 11, and is intended to allow the public to access the database to insure that it has correctly identified open channels, correctly identifies transmitters entitled to protection.

The FCC wants testers to provide feedback to Key Bridge, as well as comment at the FCC at the end of the test.

Each database system gets a 45-day trial after the FCC has determined that its channel availability calculator and registration (for protected transmitters) is ready for tire kicking by the public.

Anyone who wants to test the database, including protected cable headends, can get info here. Cable operators need to register their receive sites here.

While the test is scheduled to end April 24, the FCC reserves the right to extend it if need be.