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Falco Wants Ad Buyers to Spend More on Hispanic Networks

Univision President & CEO Randy Falco -- who had spent 30 years at NBC -- is now trying to take ad dollars from his former employer, reports AdAge.

A print campaign that takes a direct shot at NBC, which will launch next week, features a headline that reads, "Guess how many nights we beat NBC in 2011?," the report said. The answer is also provided in the ad: 195 (in the 18-to-49 demo). The aggresive campaign is another sign that nontraditional media outlets are becoming stronger as TV viewership changes, according to the story.

Univision's ad revenue grew 16.7% in 2011, to nearly $2.2 billion, according to data from Kantar, the story said. Though CBS, ABC and NBC saw revenue shrink slightly, they all collected billions more in ad dollars than Univision, AdAge reported. While viewership as shifted away from television to online and mobile devices for the english-language broadcast networks, the spanish-language nets have held steady in watching TV, according to the story.

The main idea behind Univision's campaign, is that its average viewership is younger than the broadcast networks, and that its viewers tend to watch Univision rather than picking and choosing programs from among dozens of cable and broadcast networks, the report said.