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‘Fairly OddParents’ Conjures 8.8 Million Viewers

Nickelodeon's animated TheFairly OddParents President’s Day special mesmerized kids and their parents, generating 8.8 million viewers.

The Feb. 18 Fairly OddBaby one-hour special, in which lead “fairy” characters Wanda and Cosmo welcomed a new member to the family, finished as the top entertainment program for the year om either broadcast or cable among kids 2 to 11 (5.3 million), 6 to 11 (4.2 million), and tweens 9 to 14 (3.2 million), according to Nick.

Online, Nickelodeon officials said a new area promoting the show on’s The Fairly OddParents show page received more than 1 million visits since going live on Feb. 7.

In addition, a Fairly OddBaby online casual game, which launched on on Feb. 14, generated 904,000 game plays within its first four days on the site.