Facebook Climbs on Q4 Results

Facebook shares jumped more than 12% in after-hours trading Wednesday in the wake of Q4 results that blew out Wall Street estimates. 

Facebook earned 79 cents per share on revenues of $5.84 billion in Q4 (up 52%), beating expectations of 68 cents on revenues of $5.37 billion. Ad revenue grew 57%, to $5.63 billion, with mobile ad revenue climbing 81%, to $4.5 billion.

Facebook also issued Q4 stats, announcing that more than 1.59 billion people use the service each month, and 1.04 billion use it each day, up more than 200 million and 148 million, respectively, year-over-year.

In December 2015, 1.44 billion people used Facebook on mobile devices, up 21%.

The company said its users watch 100 million hours of video each daily. Among other Facebook properties, Instagram has more than 400 million “monthly actives,” more than 800 million use Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp ended 2015 with 1 billion monthly actives.

The new Oculus-powered, $99  Samsung Gear VR headset  shipped late last year, and Facebook said it’s “pleased with the intial reaction” to the platform. Oculus opened preorders for its high-end Oculus Rift headsets earlier this month, with shipments slated to start before the end of March.

Facebook shares were up $11.63 (12.31%) to $106.08 in after-hours trading Wedneday.