Execs: Give ’Em What They Want

A new and innovative way to advertise, according to Cablevision Systems senior vice president of advanced platform sales Barry Frey, is to give consumers what they demand.

Cablevision has given some of their key advertisers their own on-demand channels to tout their products. The channels offer everything from original VOD programming to booking a family vacation.

The latter is an idea from Disney Travel On Demand that launched on Cablevision this spring.

Features demonstrated included videos for Walt Disney theme parks, four original series, interactive polls with live results, and a feature that lets the viewer punch in a phone number so a Disney Travel “agent will be with you shortly.”

“Consumers are consuming media on their own terms, and in their own channels, and in ways in which their interest demands,” explained Disney Parks and Resorts vice president of marketing, global media and new technology Chris Curtin, also on the CTAM panel on July 24.

Frey also showed screens of channels dedicated to “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” and FX. “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” created original Webisodes of a cartoon called “Sprays in the City,” a buttery homage to Sex and the City.

The cartoon spills over onto the television screen with “Who framed Spraychel,” and an interactive show on demand. The show promotes the butter brand and Wish Bone salad dressings.