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Ex-WCBS Reporter Chi'en Hired By WPIX

WPIX New York has hired Arthur Chi’en, the reporter who was fired in May after he cursed at pranksters who interrupted his live news report.

Chi’en will join Tribune Broadcasting-owned station’s WB11 News at Ten newscast, effective Aug. 22.

In addition to his work at WCBS, Chi’en’s background includes work at NBC Nightly News, the Today show and MSNBC.

WPIX News Director Karen Scott called Chi’en a “great reporter” and said she is looking forward to welcoming him to the station.

In turn, Chi’en called WB 11 “a top-notch group who are ahead of the curve on a lot of things.”

On May 19, Chien was delivering a live report about subway-fare scams when two men snuck up behind him waving signs for the Opie & Anthony XM radio show. The men waved a middle finger, as well.

After delivering his report, Chi’en turned to the men and said, “What the f--- is your problem, man?” The expletive went out over the air; Chi’en later apologized, but WCBS fired him, citing a zero-tolerance policy.

At the time, then-CEO of the station group owned by WCBS parent Viacom, said: “There is no place for one of our reporters or anchors to use inappropriate language on-air."