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Ex-Rep Plans to Finger Media at Violence Hearing

Former one-term Republican Florida Congress member Sandy
Adams (2010-1012) plans to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee it should be
looking at violent media -- video games, movies -- and mental health rather
than looking to limit gun or ammunition ownership.

That is according to a copy of prepared testimony for the
committee's Feb. 27 hearing on the proposed assault weapons ban.

Adams is not testifying for any group, but instead
identifies herself as a "mother, sheriff's deputy and former
legislator." She is strongly opposed to gun control, according to the

"It is not time for feel good legislation so you can
say you did something; it is time for a true discussion about the culture of
violence and how to prevent violent crime," she plans to tell Congress.

"I believe the combination of violent video games to
[sic] violent movies, the desensitizing of death, blood and gore in their
everyday lives is only making the culture more violent," she says.
"Taking guns from law-abiding citizens while leaving them defenseless
against violent criminals, who by their very definition do not abide by the law
is not the answer and it is definitely not the right thing to do."

Adams says law-abiding people "must be allowed to have
the tools necessary to defend themselves, which she suggests includes
semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines.

In 2010, Adams, a former state representative, got an 'A'
rating and a ringing endorsement from the NRA in her successful congressional
bid. The group pointed to her support of something called the Concealed Weapons
Licensing Trust Fund, as well as a bill prohibiting businesses from seizing
legal "secured" firearms from vehicles in their parking lots, and for
co-sponsoring legislation expanding self-defense rights in the home, among
other things.