Ex-producer: Manhunt was rigged

Another reality show is being questioned about its validity. A former producer on UPN's summer reality series Manhunt says he was asked to manipulate situations and create drama by executives at Paramount Television Group. Bob Jaffe, who was co-executive producer on Manhunt, says he was asked to protect a contestant from being eliminated and to change the rules of the game after it started.

Manhunt, which was taped on the island of Kauai last winter, is in the third week of a six-week run on UPN. Thirteen contestants dodge paint ball pellets shot at them by so-called hunters in an effort to win $250,000. "I would say that the show that's on the air cannot be classified a reality show," Jaffe told The New York Times.

In a joint statement, Viacom executives said, "UPN and Paramount have not supported and would not support persons or practices to manipulate the outcome of the show. Jaffe's accusations come in the wake of similar claims made by former contestants on CBS' Survivor.
- Joe Schlosser