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Ex-NBC Correspondent Joins Al Jazeera America

Former NBC correspondent Michael Viqueira has joined Al
Jazeera America as White House correspondent. 

Viqueira had been a producer and chief congressional
correspondent for NBC and is no stranger to covering the capital -- and Capitol
-- for international news outlets. He is also a former Washington producer and
reporter for Japan's NHK.

"This is a great opportunity, both because of Al Jazeera America's
commitment to the kind of straight-forward, hard-nosed journalism that all good
reporters value, and because it's tremendously exciting to be building
something that will fill today's critical need for real, unfiltered and
fact-based news," Viqueira said of the new post.

Al Jazeera America is the 24/7 news channel that
is replacing Current, which Al Jazeera bought earlier this year. It is
scheduled to launch sometime this year.