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Ex-Insight Colleagues Reunite At Video-Product Firm Penthera

Back when she was senior vice president of programming and video product at Insight Communications, Melani Griffith knew she’d be on the phone constantly with CEO Michael Willner between Christmas and New Year’s, closing deals with networks.

So, even though she left Insight after the cable company was sold to Time Warner Cable a year ago, Griffith still gave Willner a call on New Year’s Eve. “Just to say hello,” she said, laughing.

Those check-ins will come a lot more frequently now that she’s going back to work for Willner.

Starting today (Feb. 18), Griffith’s new job title is executive vice president of business development at Penthera Partners, based in New York and Pittsburgh. Willner is CEO there. And John Coughlan, a former finance VP at Insight, is chief financial officer.

Alumni ties weren’t the only reason Griffith, who stayed busy raising 2½-year-old twin girls, chose this opportunity to return to the work force. “I’m a career woman and a mother,” she explained to The Wire in a phone interview from her home in Montreal.

She spent the last seven years of that career doing programming deals and trying to create the best possible video experience. Penthera’s “Cache and Carry” product, which delivers HD video to Apple and Android mobile devices, “really would have helped Insight be so cutting-edge and so relevant and so cool in the TV Everywhere space.”

As a mother, living far away from other family members, Penthera’s Ribit product would allow her to upload smartphone videos of her kids securely to the cloud. “My mom would then get [an email] saying, hey click on this link, and then she’s pulling it down from the cloud. So it’s just a very elegant way to receive content.”

Penthera is and will be talking to multichannel video providers about offering Ribit as a brandable, “sticky” product to their customers, she said.

Griffith said she’ll work from home in Canada, near her husband’s job. But as when she was at Insight, “I’m where you need me when you need me. That’s my mantra.”

Kent Gibbons

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