Everybody Needs A Good Editor

Digital newsrooms are only as good as their editing tools. So it is not surprising NAB will feature a number of new options for the editor and multitasking journalist. One big name keeping its plans a secret is Apple, which has found a niche in field editing. Information about the company’s new products and features is as highly guarded as the Hope diamond, but all will become clear on April 17 at its press conference. The following is a look at some of the editing highlights on the show floor.


When it comes to newsroom integration, it is tough to top Avid, which can closely align its editing systems with its newsroom systems. Each year, the two become a little more in sync, and this year is no exception. Dave Schleifer, Avid VP, broadcast and work groups, says the idea is to speed up the steps that lead to, and result from, the editing process.

“Tighter integration reduces errors and frees up time for the creative part of the process,” he says. For example, station promotion departments, which typically have to wait to gain access to news material, will be able to complete promos without having to wait. Also, look for Avid to roll out editing functionality for material compressed using MPEG Long Group Of Pictures (LongGOP), a format much more efficient than other compression standards.

Grass Valley

Grass Valley will introduce a prototype HD editing system it says will streamline the news-production process and save money. The new HD editing system leverages a highly flexible Grass Valley software-based architecture to provide the ability to import/export MXF files and distribute LongGOP files. It also offers several scalable storage options and a software-based design that combines cuts-only edit bay capabilities, traditional A-/B- roll suite transition functions, and shared-storage and network-connectivity options.


The next revision for the Vortex nonlinear news-editing system will be delivered in June. New features include Avid iNews support and other incremental changes, such as the ability to use the shuttle knob on a tape deck to control the on-screen timeline. Also look for Liquid system (version 6.1) at the show. It will be able to handle multi-stream HD and SD editing, format-independent FX, as well as a choice of inputs and outputs, including HD-SDI and HDV.