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Even Google Bows to TiVo’s Patent Licensing Demands

TiVo Video Trends Report
(Image credit: TiVo)

As if bringing Comcast to heel after a four-year legal battle wasn’t impressive enough, TiVo and its parent company, Xperi, have announced the renewal of their patent deal with Google.

For those of you keeping score at home, Google has a market capitalization exceeding $1.7 trillion, while Xperi is valued at just under $2.2 billion. 

"We are very pleased to conclude this agreement with Google, a world leader in OTT video with YouTube and Google TV, and a top 10 U.S. pay TV provider with YouTube TV," said Samir Armaly, president of IP licensing for Xperi, in a statement. "Google has always worked to bring content to the screen that's most convenient for users. This agreement illustrates the relevance of TiVo's innovations across all forms of video consumption, from linear to on-demand, and from traditional TV platforms to online and mobile.”

Google has paid TiVo IP tribute since 2012. 

Notably, the announcement comes just a few weeks after virtual pay TV service YouTube TV suddenly returned to the TiVo Stream 4K platform after a four-month absence due to what were described as technical issues. 

Xperi reported IP licensing revenue of $98 million in the first quarter. “Media IP” was up 30% during the January-March period, with recent licensing renewals secured with Comcast, Cox Communications, Sony and TCL.