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ET Bulks Up for Debut

Paramount Television's top syndicated magazine, Entertainment Tonight, has made a host of promotions and additions as it enters its 24th season Sept. 13.

Current staffers getting new stripes: Janet Annino, senior producer, named co-executive producer; Bradley Bessey and Bruce MacCallum, supervising producers, named senior producers; Sharlette Hambrick and Bonnie Tiegel, producers, named senior supervising producers; Elise Backus, Linda Fuller and Ray Slaboda, segment producers, named supervising producers; Rick Joyce, coordinating producer, named managing editor; Mylin Watkins, coordinating producer, named managing editor; Chris Clark, segment director, named coordinating producer.

New additions are Eliza Cost., a supervising producer at E! Entertainment Television, and Marc Malkin, US Magazine supervising producer, who join as supervising producers. Mari Cartel, from Inside Edition, joins as assignment editor.

Bessey, Hambrick, Tiegel, Malkin, Watkins, Joyce, and Cartel will all do double duty, working both on ET and new spin-off, The Insider.