ESPN's "Instant Total News Service," called the SportsTicker, distributes breaking sports news, statistics, previews, recaps and features to hundreds of radio and TV stations, broadcast and cable networks, newspapers, wire services, interactive media, online services and paging services.

Featured in its own exhibit at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., the 24-hour service provides real-time scores, game recaps, highlights and other sports news to newsroom computers.

SportsTicker's client list includes many big names like USA Today, CNN, Madison Square Garden and FOX Sports Net. It is also the primary sports-information source for America Online, Yahoo!, FOX Sports and MSNBC. It broadcasts to the press box, broadcast booths and club offices of every Major League Baseball club, most NBA and NHL teams and many NFL clubs.

Originally called the Western Union's Baseball Ticker, which was established in 1909, SportsTicker is the leading news service in the country devoted solely to sports. In 1998, SportsTicker secured its top position when it acquired Howe Sportsdata, the official statistician for Arena Football, Minor League Baseball, several independent professional baseball leagues and seven professional minor hockey leagues, among other sports leagues.-B.S.