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ESPN Teams With 20 Top College Football Fan Sites

ESPN has reached cross-promotional and content integration agreements with 20 top college football fan sites linked under the Team Sports Network. 

Under the agreement, terms of which were not disclosed, network affiliates will provide content from their sites to their respective team pages on 

In exchange, each site will be able to syndicate ESPN content, including video presented through the video player. Additionally, members will incorporate player ratings and other analysis content on their sites.

Each institution will maintain independence and continue to own and operate their sites and make their own editorial decisions. ESPN, according to company officials, will use affiliate site content at its sole discretion.

“We believe this cross-platform sharing of national and local content will enhance the online college football community experience,” said Marc Horine, ESPN vice president of digital partnerships and sales development, in a statement. “Combining recruiting coverage, features and message boards, the network will cover all the action that is important to dedicated college football fans and their teams.”

 The participating sites are: Alabama (; Arizona (; Auburn (; California (; Florida (; FloridaState (;




(; LSU (;

Miami (; Mississippi State (; Ohio State (; Oklahoma (; Ole Miss (; Penn State (; South Carolina (; Tennessee (’ Texas (; Texas A&M (; and USC (