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ESPN Promotes Chuck Pagano to Executive VP and CTO

ESPN has promoted Chuck Pagano to the new position of executive vice president and chief technical officer.

Pagano, who was hired as hired as a technical director in 1979 and had been executive vice president, technology at ESPN since 2005, will be adding an expanded role for the company's strategic technological planning to his existing duties of overseeing the company's technology and engineering efforts.

"Chuck's technical expertise is second to none," noted George Bodenheimer, president ESPN and ABC Sports in a statement announcing the promotion. "To ensure that we are capitalizing on all opportunities across the technology spectrum, I have asked Chuck to take on an expanded strategic role that will leverage his unique combination of experience, expertise and intellectual curiosity. I am pleased to recognize Chuck for his efforts in pushing technological advancement across our ever-expanding array of platforms." 

In his new role, Pagano will oversee all ESPN's core technical functions and operations ranging from distribution, transmission and engineering to IT, software development, technology innovation and strategic technology forecasting. He will also take on an even more visible role in major technology initiatives across ESPN and the broader Disney enterprise.

"I am excited to keep exploring new ways to help advance the company through the use of new and different technological applications," explained Pagano in a statement. "Having been here prior to the first telecast in 1979, I have seen this company grow and change, but the one constant has always been to embrace new technology to better serve our fans."

Under Pagano's technology leadership, ESPN was honored by Fast Company in 2010 and 2011 in its list of Top Innovative Companies and Pagano has received a number of awards for his work in technology and engineering.

Pagano's technology group developed the first 3D network in the United States, ESPN 3D, and his group oversaw the construction of ESPN's Los Angeles Production Center, which was the world's first 1080p HD facility.

His emerging technology team was also recognized in 2009 with a Sports Emmy for its Virtual Playbook application. Other accomplishments include the ESPN's Bristol-based Digital Center and the network's early push into HD services.