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ESPN hatches new shows

ESPN programmers are hatching a morning show for sister network ESPN2 that
they've billed as the Good Morning America for sports.

ESPN2's show, aptly titled Cold Pizza, will dip into news, cooking and
fashion stories, all with a sports twist, beginning in October 2003.

"You will start your day with ESPN2 and end it with SportsCenter on
ESPN," executive vice president of programming Mark Shapiro said.

In June 2003, ESPN will introduce a nightly sports-newsmagazine show,
Outside the Lines Nightly. It's a spinoff of the network's magazine show,
Outside the Lines. "Think sports, think Nightline," said Shapiro,
comparing his new show with another ABC News property.

And come February, ESPN2 will welcome Drive Time, an afternoon call-in
sports-talk show.

ESPN is partnering with corporate cousin Walt Disney Television Animation
Special Projects to create animated shorts inspired by the comic strip In the
. The 15-second shorts will air alongside ESPN original
programming, premiering with a new sports-talk show, Around the Horn,
Nov. 4.