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ESPN Fits Mobile App With ‘Watch’ Tab

ESPN said a new “Watch” tab is featured in the 5.10 release of the ESPN App for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The new version adds personation features into the home screen carousel, enabling users to focus on info tied to their favorite teams, as well as ESPN3 replays (complementing existing highlights and other long-form video), as well as a 10-minute live stream preview for non-authenticated users (i.e. those who are accessing the app without pay TV credentials).

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ESPN said it’s part of an effort to weave more live and on-demand video content and personalization into the app.

“Today’s ESPN App update is a continued step forward for our video experience,” Ryan Spoon, SVP of product and digital media at ESPN, said in a statement. “Over the last few months, personalized and live video has made its way to the App’s home screen – and billions of videos have been viewed. Today, video gets its own home with a new ‘Watch’ tab. It’s a curated experience that showcases live video, replays, video clips, and content collections. Considering the vast collection of games, shows and clips, it’s an example of something only ESPN can do.”