Espial Locks In RDK Contributions

Espial said it has contributed a batch of conditional access system integration and certification software to the community of the Reference Design Kit (RDK), the preintegrated software stack for video and broadband gateways that’s managed by Comcast, Liberty Global and Charter Communications.

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In this instance, Espial is contributing to RDK-V, the video-focused flavor of the platform.

Espial said it has certified and deployed RDK-V version 2 with several conditional access system companies, including Nagra, Cisco systems, Verimatrix and Widevine (part of Google) for future RDK-powered implementations.

Espial added that it has also contributed components to help speed set-top box porting, including Hardware Abstraction Layer technologies for set-tops and remote control functions, and other elements that aim to improve the STB porting code base.

Espial noted that it has deployed RDK-V version 2.x with European cable operators such as NOS of Portugal and TeleColumbus of Germany.

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"Espial's contributions are important additions to RDK and their real-world learning and experience is an asset to the community" said Bill Warga, VP technology at Liberty Global, in a statement.

"The success of the RDK is driven by members like Espial bringing innovation, technical expertise, and best practices to the RDK community. A prime example of this is the contributions Espial has made to RDK-V CAS integrations and certifications that significantly benefit global service providers and their technology partners," added Steve Heeb, president at RDK Management LLC.