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Erin Burnett

All eyes are on CNN’s primetime
lineup, and as its newest addition, Erin
Burnett is in the spotlight to deliver.
Her 7 p.m. program—a mix of issues
and interviews—has not done much
to move the needle. And though an
election year has helped, the network’s
overall primetime ratings are not
getting much better. But CNN execs
seem to like Burnett. And as a former CNBC stalwart, she has business
chops to lean on when things like the debt ceiling and Greece’s austerity
measures are in the news (as they often seem to be these days).

CNN chief Ken Jautz says he is done making changes to prime for now,
but with Anderson Cooper still at 8 and 10 p.m., there is room for Burnett
to be groomed for a more high-profile time period. And if not: Hey,
we hear Keith Olbermann may soon be a free agent.