Entercom Faces $55K Fine for Indecency

The Federal Communications Commission Friday fined Entercom Communications Corp. station KRXQ(FM) Sacramento, Calif., $55,000 for two indecent broadcasts aired on the Rob, Arnie & Dawn in the Morning show in 2002 and 2003.

One broadcast featured Arnie’s speaking in the voice of a young boy during a bit in which the boy says his father wanted to bring him to a restaurant and take pictures of him in the nude and give the boy “submarine” filled with “seamen.” Although Entercom says no indecent meaning would be clear from the passage, the FCC insisted “the sexual import of the material is unmistakable.”

In another broadcast, the DJs joked about a variety of sexual acts intended to humiliate women, including one in which a woman would be pushed during sex into a toilet containing “a recently deposited log cabin.” The discussion, the FCC found, was “unquestionably graphic, not oblique.”

For each of the broadcasts, KRXQ was fined the $27,500 maximum per incident because of the “egregious” nature of the violations and because Entercom has been punished for indecency violations in the past.