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Empty Chair for Tack

Word from NAB is that
there will be a memorial to Tack Nail, the late, great media reporter, at this
week's convention in Las Vegas.

It will consist of a vacant chair and work station in the press room, accompaniied by some pictures of Tack and a binder filled with tributes and stories from various sources, according to NAB spokesman and former
media scribe Dennis Wharton.

Nail, who died March 25
from injuries suffered in a fall at his home, was a B&C, Television
and Communications Daily
reporter and a fixture at the convention and of the press room for decades. He
was a recipient of the NAB's Spirit of Broadcasting Award in April 1995,
which is given periodically to "individuals or organizations that have made
a unique and enduring difference in improving the broadcasting industry."

Past winners of that award includes 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt
and radio icon Paul Harvey.