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eMarketer: TV Still King In Viewers, Ad Dollars

Even though the internet is gaining on TV in both viewers and advertising dollars, "traditional media" is still tops in both, according to Adage Mediaworks.

to eMarketer's latest research, advertisers spent around $60.5 billion
on advertising this year for broadcast and cable, making TV still the
richest media segment. The percentage of ad spending on TV rose from
38.6% in 2010 to 39.1%. The research firm explains the growth is due
partially to a recovering economy but also the fact that less is being
spent on print media and the internet.

eMarketer is predicting that TV advertising will surpass $64 billion next year, almost doubling the amount for internet.

far as viewers go, the internet has not made a sizeable dent because
most viewers are multi-tasking, surfing the web while watching their
favorite shows. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are
actually encouraging more TV consumption but the viewer feels compelled
to go on those sites to discuss their shows.

Since 2009, roughly 60% of TV audiences also go on the internet simultanously. --Tim Baysinger