Edwards eyes station buys

Eddie Edwards, former president and CEO of Glencairn Ltd. and WCWB Television
in Pittsburgh, plans to announce next week the formation of his new company,
Edwards Broadcasting, and "his plans of being a major player in radio and
television acquisitions."

Edwards will also introduce Bill Campbell, the former mayor of Atlanta, as
part of his management team.

Edwards has been the subject of some controversy in the broadcasting
industry, with former Federal Communications Commission chairman William Kennard charging that Glencairn
served as a front for Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition made similar

Sinclair sued the FCC in federal court, saying the commission would not
approve 14 unrelated acquisitions until Sinclair cut a deal with Jackson.

The FCC ultimately ruled that Sinclair did exercise illegal control over
Glencairn and fined both companies $40,000 each.

The agency did not block any of the acquisitions or revoke any of Sinclair's