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An Edible Garden Grows In Chelsea

Ovation TV and Gardenburger, makers of the original "veggie burger," are sponsoring "Seeds of Inspiration: Gardenburger at The Hudson Guild," an edible, urban garden in Manhattan.
The edible garden by Fritz Haeg, artist and author of  Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn will be celebrated on the arts network's air via a series of interstitials. The shorts, depicting the garden's ground-breaking, planting, irrigation, care and harvesting, are sponsored by Gardenburger and will run through September.
Moreover, Ovation TV will also create a microsite within its site,, housing Gardenburger information, links, and unique offers.

Gardenburger's media agency partner Starcom worked with Ovation TV and its cultural agency ForYourArt to develop this collaborative project.
Ovation TV and Gardenburger will co-sponsor an edible garden that will be planted in the unused triangle of land at the entry to the Hudson Guild at Chelsea Eliot House on 26th Street at Tenth Avenue. This garden will feature crops and natural vegetation that were growing on Manhattan 400 years ago, when the native Lenape people lived on the island -- foods that will now benefit the Chelsea Guild in their efforts to educate and provide for children in their community.
"Gardenburger makes for an ideal partner because they saw the broader creative possibilities in working with Ovation TV," said Ovation TV vice president of ad sales Deborah Cuffaro in a statement. "By being open communicators and collaborators with Gardenburger and Starcom, we were able to highlight Gardenburger's commitment to community gardens and real food in a unique television experience."