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EchoStar To Launch DBS Service in Mexico

EchoStar and MVS Comunicaciones, one of the largest media and telecommunications conglomerates in Mexico, are forming a joint venture called Dish Mexico that will launch “Dish,” an affordable satellite TV service that will be available to consumers across that nation, officials said Tuesday.

The direct-to-home satellite TV service will deliver a wide variety of audio and video channels in an all-digital format. The service will be delivered via an EchoStar-provided high-powered direct broadcast satellite allowing the service to reach beyond mountains and buildings to provide affordable video options for consumers across the entire country.

Financial terms of the joint venture were not released.

Delivered directly to consumer homes via a small satellite dish antenna and a digitally encrypted set-top box, the service is expected to launch initially in the cities of Puebla and Leon and will be available across Mexico in the next few months.

“This joint venture between MVS and EchoStar makes it possible for a large sector of Mexico’s growing population to receive a popular lineup of all digital television channels at an attractive price,” EchoStar CEO and chairman Charlie Ergen said in a statement. “The opportunity to partner with MVS for a variety of services creates an exciting opportunity for EchoStar as we enter the Mexican market.”

The basic service includes 25 Spanish and English-language channels for $139 pesos per month.

The basic package includes children’s programming from Disney Channel, Jetix, Nick, Discovery Kids and Cartoon Network; general entertainment from Universal Channel, Sony, Warner Channel, 52MX, E! Entertainment Television and SciFi Channel; educational channels from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, The History Channel and Infinite; sports programming from ESPN, ESPN 2 and Fox Sports; music channels from MTV and Exa TV; and movie channels from TNT, The Film Zone, MC, Multipremier and Cine Latino. In addition, Dish offers the following premium movie packages with no commercial breaks at an affordable monthly price: HBO, HBO Plus, HBO Family, Cinemax, Max Prime, Movie City, CityVibe, CityMix and Cinecanal.

Subscribers can lease a digital satellite TV set-top box, antenna and receive a standard professional installation.

MVS Multivision’s existing MASTV service brings more than 570,000 customers to the newly formed joint venture. The Dish service will use the existing MASTV infrastructure that is positioned in 11 cities across Mexico and has been developed for the last 20 years to provide sales, billing and collection, installation, and customer service for subscribers.

Launched in 1989, the MVS Multivision was the first television system with MMDS, microwave transmission, technology that became one of the fastest-growing systems in the world. Since 2002 MVS Multivision has offered MASTV, with 15 channels at the lowest cost of the market.

EchoStar, which provides satellite TV equipment and transmission services in the United States and Canada, is providing satellite capacity and uplink facilities for transmitting the service directly to MVS’ customer homes in Mexico.

Additionally, EchoStar is contributing digital satellite TV equipment including a small 20-inch dish antenna, satellite receiver, remote control and a secure conditional access system to the joint venture allowing customers to experience high quality all digital television services.

 “The alliance of MVS with EchoStar for the launch of a direct-to-home satellite TV service generates an innovative and avant-garde product,” Ernesto Vargas, CEO of MVS Comunicaciones, said in a  statement. “With Dish, the best pay TV channels will now reach most homes in the country at an affordable price. The attraction of this service is that it delivers channels most desired by Mexican families while offering a monthly cost lower than any other comparable pay TV service in the market. We’re confident Mexican families will enjoy our well-rounded programming lineup, including children’s programming, educational content, sports and music channels and premium movies.”

The service will be available to order at Dish Mexico Service and Collection Centers and through community based door-to-door sales agents, commercial centers and self service stores.