EchoStar First to Launch Veria TV

EchoStar Communication’s Dish Network is the first distributor to debut Veria TV, which showcases the natural-wellness lifestyle, officials said Friday.

Dish subscribers will be able to access a schedule of original lifestyle programming, featuring a wide range of shows focusing on such areas as food and nutrition, travel, exercise, alternative medicine and holistic health.

to redefine common perceptions about wellness.

Veria TV was created based on research that shows more than 200 million Americans have expressed a strong desire to live more naturally and another 80 million have stated that maintaining health and vitality is the most important goal in their lives.

The new network’s parent is Veria, the primary consumer brand of Natural Wellness USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Essel Group. Essel is a multi-million dollar conglomerate encompassing TV networks, cable systems, satellite communications, theme parks, and one of the world’s largest packaging companies.

Veria TV is available to Dish Network subscribers at no additional charge as part of the America’s Top 250 package or separately for $2.99 per month. Subscribers can preview the channel free in October on Dish Network's Preview Showroom, Channel 281.

“We are proud to offer programming dedicated to helping our subscribers achieve happier and healthier lives,” Eric Sahl, Dish Network senior vice president of programming, said in a statement. “The addition of Veria TV speaks to our overarching goal to provide programming that is as diverse as our audiences.”

In addition to the television network, Veria has launched an Internet portal at, as well as a national chain of wellness centers and in 2009, a selection of Veria services that includes a wellness helpline and lifestyle retreats dedicated to teaching alternative wellness treatments.