EchoStar Builds ‘Great Wall’

EchoStar Communications Corp. began offering its “Great Wall TV Package” Chinese-network tier to its Dish Network direct-broadcast satellite subscribers Thursday.

For a $29.99 monthly fee, Dish customers get installation and equipment at no additional cost to receive the 17-network package.

Great Wall includes 12 channels in the Mandarin dialect, two channels in the Cantonese dialect, one channel in the Fujianese dialect, one English-language channel and one Spanish- and French-language channel.

Networks in the package are:

• CCTV-4, a general-entertainment channel presenting news stories around the clock and delivering entertainment and educational programs.

• CCTV-9, an English-language channel provided by China Central Television, offering the country's window on China.

• CCTV-Spanish/French, which broadcasts programs in both languages in four-hour shifts, including news programs and features, educational fare and entertainment programs.

• CCTV-Opera, which features Peking operas, as well as local operas.

• CCTV-Entertainment, which includes TV dramas, music and dance programs, Chinese operas, folk arts and acrobatic shows.

• China Movie Channel, which features various movie genres, from classics to the latest blockbusters.

• Beijing TV, a composite channel exhibiting the unique characteristics of China's capital city, with programs relating to news, culture, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, sports, science, dramas and children’s fare.

• Shanghai TV, a composite channel from Shanghai Media Group.

• Guandong TV, a special news and entertainment channel broadcast in the Cantonese dialect, featuring news, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and TV dramas.

• Jiangsu TV, which showcases the "Wuyue" culture along the Yangtze River, covering news, economy, entertainment, show business, education, culture, travel and TV drama.

• Fujian TV, a channel in the Fujianese dialect that highlights Chinese culture and also includes news and information programs, entertainment, sports and financial information.

• Hunan TV, a provincial channel that features entertainment and information programs.

• Shanxi TV, which focuses on providing information for teaching and training, such as Chinese chess, painting, poems, operas, local dancing, music, cuisine, antiques and medicine.

• Phoenix North America Chinese Channel, which presents news, information and entertainment.

• Phoenix InfoNews, a newly launched news channel from Phoenix TV, which closely follows what's new in China, compiles worldwide financial reports and also provides live coverage of critical events. Phoenix InfoNews is currently slated to launch during the week of Oct. 4.

• ATV Home Channel, a general-entertainment channel in the Cantonese dialect providing news and information programs, as well as movies, dramas and entertainment programs.

• Pacvia TV, which mainly broadcasts TV dramas produced in China.