EchoStar Adds Pentagon Channel

EchoStar Communications Corp.’s Dish Network direct-broadcast satellite service has added the Pentagon Channel.

The Defense Department’s news and information network for and about the military -- which launched in the United States May 14, 2004 -- will be added to Dish’s public-interest channels at no additional cost, but a second satellite dish may be required.

The network provides Department of Defense news including top-of-the-hour updates, broadcasts of the flagship newsmagazines from each of the services and Department of Defense news briefings from the Pentagon and around the world.

Its lineup also includes Around the Services, a look at what’s going on at each branch of the military; Studio Five, showcasing conversations with Department of Defense leaders; and Focus on the Force, which highlights military missions such as those currently ongoing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Dish Network serves consumers all across the country, and many of our customers have a personal stake in the military,” EchoStar vice president of programming Eric Sahl said in a prepared statement.

“The Pentagon Channel will be especially appreciated by military-service members and their families who live on or near U.S.-based military facilities across the United States,” he added.