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Earley Elected PromaxBDA Co-Chair

Joe Earley, president, marketing and communications, Fox
Broadcasting, has been elected to serve as co-chairman of the PromaxBDA board of directors.

and fellow co-chair Lisa Gregorian (CMO at Warner Bros. TV Group) will
lead the board of directors, the governing body of PromaxBDA that
oversees the annual budget, strategic planning of conferences, awards
and year-round member services, and the development of long-term goals
and organizational direction.

is an amazing, talented and strategic marketing executive and is
recognized for his excellence in our business," said Gregorian. "I am
honored to have the opportunity to serve alongside of him as co-chair.
 We look forward to tapping into his incredible leadership and creative
mind as our organization serves the global community for those engaged
in marketing television and video content on all platforms during this
exciting, yet challenging, time in our business."