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DTV switch would trigger KFTL sales clause

Spanish-language broadcaster Univision Communications Inc. is buying KFTL(TV) Stockton, Calif.,
from Family Communications Inc. for $65 million, according to documents filed at the
Federal Communications Commission.

Univision would not comment on a price, but there is more to it than meets
the eye.

Because KFTL is on channel 62, the contract includes a provision in which
Family would also get one-half of any payout Univision receives if it decides to
vacate the channel early as part of the digital transition.

Channel 62 is located in a swath of spectrum the FCC plans to auction for use
by advanced communications services when the digital transition is completed and
broadcasters' second channels are returned.

To try to jump-start those services, the FCC is allowing broadcasters to take
payments from those companies in exchange for giving up the channels