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DreamWorks Takes Legal Swing at Fox

DreamWorks Television and Mark Burnett Productions are suing Fox to keep the network from premiering its boxing reality show, The Next Great Champ, Sept. 10.

DreamWorks' and Burnett's joint venture, Contender Partners, have asked a Los Angeles Superior Court in Santa Monica to block the debut, claiming Endemol, producer of The Next Great Champ, and its partners, including Fox, have repeatedly violated California statutes governing the promoting of boxing matches in their "rushed and frenzied" push to get Next Great Champ on the air prior to similar show, The Contender.

"It would be terribly damaging to the sport, to our show, The Contender, and to all the participants if anyone were to profit from or gain an unfair advantage by breaking the law," said Burnett and DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg in a statement.

DreamWorks and Burnett are producing the competing boxing reality show, featuring movie star Sylvester Stallone, for NBC.

In response, Fox said: "We believe these claims are without merit. This is an effort to stifle competition by seeking an inappropriate prior restraint of a broadcast."