Dr. Phil Lands Prime-Time Special

Dr. Phil is coming to prime time, at least once. CBS will air a special starring daytime talk host Dr. Phil McGraw Wednesday, Sept. 22, from 8 p.m.-10 p.m.

Guests Nicole Kidman, Robert Redford, Will Smith and Amy Brenneman (of Judging Amy) will share parenting advice and talk about their own child-rearing experiences.

In addition, the show will likely include McGraw's typical tough-love regimen seen on his daytime show. A Dr. Phil Prime Time Special: Family First will probe the challenges faced by the parents of two teenagers. The couple's daughter is secretly having sex and drinking. Also, the father hasn't spoken to to his 13-year old son in more than a year.

Other features include his tips on raising the IQ of your child and effective discipline techniques.

It's logical that McGraw would land up on Viacom-owned CBS. His talk show is produced by Paramount Productions, also a Viacom unit.

The series debut of CSI: NY will follow the special at 10 p.m. Two season premieres of The King of Queens and Center of the Universe were pushed back a week by the Dr. Phil special; they will air on Wednesday, Sept. 29.