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Dr. Phil to guest on Frasier

Dr. Phil McGraw will guest-star as himself on NBC's Frasier this
March, the first foray into prime time for TV's self-help guru.

On the show, Dr. Phil's visit to Seattle makes Dr. Frasier Crane
uncomfortable when he compares his career to Dr. Phil's.

When Frasier tries to figure out how Dr. Phil got so successful, he learns
that the woman behind it all is Bebe, Frasier's old agent, played by Harriet

After premiering last fall to the best ratings of any rookie talk show since
Oprah in 1986, McGraw's appearance last Monday helped David Letterman
to score his best ratings for CBS' The Late Show with David Letterman in a year-and-a-half.

Now he's coming to prime time in the Paramount Television-produced sitcom.

Paramount also produces McGraw's daytime show, Dr.