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Dr. Phil Boosts Letterman Premiere Past Leno

The combination of Dr. Phil and David Bowie gave the season premiere of CBS’
Late Show with David Letterman its first victory over NBC’s The
Tonight Show with Jay Leno
since 1993.

Letterman, also featuring the new Miss Ameica reading the nightly top-10
list, narrowly beat Leno and his 90 California gubernatorial candidates,
winning by one-tenth of a ratings point in the metered markets, 5.1/12 to

Letterman’s thin margin doesn’t assure him the win when the final numbers
come in late next week.

In Dr. Phil’s first appearance on Letterman Feb. 17, he helped
Letterman to narrowly beat Leno in the metered markets, which held up
in the final viewer and household numbers.

Letterman’s premiere was also up 19% from last year’s season opener,
which notched a 4.3/10 Sept. 23, 2002. And the show scored its highest
numbers since March 31, 2003.