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Double trouble

No, you're not seeing double. The Harpers just really like to talk. Apparently, the couple were guests on debut episodes of Paramount's Dr. Laura Sept. 11 and Columbia TriStar's Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Oct. 2. "Maia" and "Donn" on Dr. Laura disagreed about what's considered cheating; "Sonja" and "Donn" on Mars/Venus explained how to fight fair in marriage. While rumors about hiring actors to impersonate guests plague strips, a Columbia TriStar representative says Sonja and Donn Harper "both checked out with who they said they were. It's standard practice" for Mars, Venus to request IDs, but the studio has no control over any show-hopping. Paramount didn't comment.

In another guest gaffe, Dr. Laura last week featured a guest who identified herself as a former professional notetaker but was later revealed by Access Hollywood to be a Dr. Laura staff researcher. "Yes, we neglected to indicate her status as a staff member," a Paramount representative said.