Doctor Makes House Call at WPIX

Is there a  doctor in the House? At WPIX, the answer is 'yes.'

Syndicated TV medical reporter Dr. Michael Rosen is joining Tribune Broadcasting’s WPIX New York as an in-studio contributor.

Rosen is already a familiar face in New York and other markets. A former medical reporter for WCBS New York, he left the station in 2003 to create a syndicated feed for his medical reporters, Daily Health Feed, produced out of his midtown Manhattan office and distributed by Litton to more than 50 TV stations.

The syndicated reports will contniue, but now Rosen's base of operations will be WPIX and its 10 p.m. news.

Board certified in internal medicine, Rosen got his start in TV when he was practicing in Atlanta and WAGA took notice and brought him on the air. In 1997, he went to work for Cox Broadcasting’s WPXI Pittsburgh, where he stayed until 2001.