DJs fired for fake celeb death report

A Dallas radio station has fired two disc jockeys ro issuing a bogus report that teen idol Britney Spears was killed in a car crash with boyfriend Justin Timberlake, Reuters reports.

Police and fire officials in Los Angeles were deluged with phone calls after two San Jose-based deejays, known as Kramer and Twitch, claimed a source told them Spears was dead and Timberlake, a member of 'N Sync, was in a coma after a car crash in Los Angles. They aired their fake report during a nighttime show on Dallas hard-rock station KEGL-FM last Tuesday. Spears' publicist quashed the rumor the next day with a statement that the 19-year-old and Timberlake, 20, were in "great health."

A spokeswoman for San Antonio, Texas-based Clear Channel Communications, which owns KEGL, said the DJs were fired Monday, indicating the Spears ruse was the latest in a series of inappropriate on-air stunts by the duo.