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Display Ad Spending on Track to Surpass Search Ads

Display ad spending is on a trajectory that will see it eventually surpass spending on search advertisements, reports research company eMarketer.

search advertising still takes the bulk of ad spending, the amount of
money dolled out to display advertising (online video, banner ads, rich
media etc.) is steadily increasing. In 2011, U.S. advertisers are
expected to spend $14.38 billion on search ads (up 19.8%) and $12.33
billion (up 24.5%) on display.

By 2015, according to eMarketer's forcasts, display spending will top search spending.

increase in display spending, especially online video, goes along with
the rise of digital advertising for branding. eMarketer expects almost
40% of online ad dollars to be devoted to branding. By 2015, that number
is expected to be over 44%.