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Disney Remaking Website to Deliver Content Directly to Viewers

The Walt Disney Company is rebranding and remaking its website, reports The Los Angeles Times.

new website, which Disney President/CEO Robert Iger describes as an
"uber-network," will deliver the company's content of movies, TV shows
and games directly to the viewers. The new format would offer
entertainment by either subscription-based, pay-per-view or would be

relaunch, which is expected within the year, is not the first time
Disney has attempted to remodel its web portal (It tried in the late
1990s but was a massive failure resulting in 800 lost jobs).

Iger shook up the digital division last fall, which signaled he was unhappy with the direction of the website. He brought in former Yahoo exec Jimmy Pitaro as co-president in charge of web properties and mobile businesses.

new website is promised to be "cleaner" then the current one and will
serve as a "digital locker" for all of Disney's content.