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Disney+ Original ‘The Mandalorian’ Becomes the Most ‘In Demand’ Show in America

While Netflix sources told Bloomberg last week that they’ve yet to see a subscriber exodus caused by the entry into the streaming market by Disney+, the No. 1 OTT service is certainly feeling some impact.

For example, the Netflix original series Stranger Things had been the most “in demand” streaming show in the U.S. for several weeks, according to Parrot Analytics, before Disney+ it the scene, and along with it, its hit original Star Wars spinoff show, The Mandalorian.

According to the research company, for the week of November 17-23, not only was The Mandalorian the most in demand show in the realm of over-the-top streaming, it was also the most in-demand show overall—digital and linear—edging out Saturday Night Live.

Parrot Analytics uses a proprietary metric it calls “Demand Expressions, which it says measures “engagement and viewership, weighted by importance, so a stream/download is a higher expression of demand than a like/comment.”