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Disney Plus' $60 Million 'Black Widow' Haul Evenly Split Between Domestic and Int'l Audiences

(Image credit: Marvel)

Approximately 1.1 million U.S. households paid $30, in addition to the $6.99 Disney Plus monthly subscription fee, to watch Marvel film Black Widow over the weekend, according to Samba TV. 

With Disney announcing that Premium Access viewing of the film generated around $60 million globally, that translates to a total audience of around 2 million households ... and a fairly even split between domestic and international business. 

In addition to grossing $60 million in its first three days as a Disney Plus Premiere Access title, Black Widow generated $80 in North American box office receipts, and another $78 million in 4,579 foreign theatrical engagements. 

With Disney unhindered by exhibition profit-sharing, the strong performance of the day-and-date streaming window promises to have an impact on future release patterns. 

According to Samba TV, Black Widown over-indexed with households containing viewers age 35-44, as well as those featuring Black viewrs (+39%), Asian viewers (+33%) and Hispanic viewers (+24%). 

Of the top 25 largest designated marketing areas (DMAs), Los Angeles over-indexed the most (+37%), followed by Chicago (+34%) and San Francisco (+27%).