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Dish’s Hopper Expands its Vocabulary

Dish Network said it has added new Amazon Alexa voice capabilities to its family of Hopper set-tops and DVRs that enable customers to set recordings, navigate menus, and launch apps such as Game Finder, Netflix, Pandora and YouTube.

Those new voice controls support Hopper DVRs, including the relatively new 4K-capable Hopper 3, the Hopper Duo and Dish’s Joey and Wally client boxes. The enhanced features build on earlier voice capabilities that let those customers play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and search for content.

Dish said the updated voice capabilities are also compatible with the Fire TV Cube, a new streaming device that integrates Amazon’s voice-based Alexa technology without a separate Echo device.

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Dish’s initial integration of the Hopper DVR platform with the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot was launched in April 2017, becoming the first MVPD to enable direct compatibility with Amazon’s voice-powered platform. Dish extended support for Alex on all Joey clients in October 2017

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