DishLatino Offers Subs Financial Advice

DishLatino said it will offer its subscribers financial advice and guidance from noted finance expert Julie Stav through a series of public service announcements that are part of an overall educational campaign launched today.

Stav, a leading financial expert in the Hispanic community, is the author of several best-selling books and is the host of Univision’s popular new program “Tu Dinero con Julie Stav.” The campaign aims to increase awareness among Dish’s Hispanic customers about personal financial management and highlighting the important role that credit plays in opening doors of opportunity in the United States.

"Empowering Hispanic consumers with information about their options makes them feel more confident about their financial management skills and opens up new possibilities,” Stav said in a statement. “I'm thrilled to be working with DishLatino, a brand that truly understands the challenges that Hispanics face when transitioning across cultures. Many Hispanics who are new to the United States are unaware of the cultural nuances related to financial management and credit. This isn't just about paying bills on time or balancing a checkbook, rather it's about practical money tips for families of all incomes to help plan for the future."

In addition to providing general guidance on establishing credit, the announcements will notify customers of payment options available to help them meet their obligations, such as changing their billing date or transitioning to a more affordable package.

"At DishLatino, we recognize that investing in our customers is good business - an educated customer is a better customer," said vice president Alfredo Rodriguez in a statement. "With Julie Stav at the forefront, our educational campaign will provide a wealth of financial tips that DishLatino customers can apply to many aspects of their lives."

Rodriguez added that Stav has been an integral contributor to the development of the new financial education campaign as well as an advisor to the DishLatino team on how to support its subscribers with educational resources.