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Dish Unveils 'Tailgater'

Just in time for the football season, Dish Network unveiled a portable, lightweight satellite system that will allow fans to keep tabs on the game from the parking lot, RV or anywhere else, dubbed the "Tailgater."

Priced at about $350 and weighing in at 10 pounds, the Tailgater automatically locates satellite positions, which means that there's no need for manual antenna adjustment. The Tailgater easily connects to a small, sleek Dish Network set-top box and TV. Within minutes, customers will be able to enjoy their favorite channels in high-definition.

"Tailgaters across the country have wanted an easy way to watch their games in HD, and now they can through Dish  Network's Tailgater," Dish Network chief marketing officer Ira Bahr said in a statement. "The Tailgater's simple set-up combined with full access to Dish Network's programming packages at convenient month-to-month pricing makes it the best ‘TV-on-the-go' option for outdoor enthusiasts."

The Tailgater works only with Dish Network's ViP 211k (MSRP: $149) single-tuner HD receiver. Dish Network also offers customers a solution that allows them to pay month-to-month for programming, ensuring they only pay for the service when in use. Current Dish Network customers can use their existing account to service the Tailgater system. An additional outlet fee may apply.

The Tailgater is manufactured by King Controls, a Bloomington, Minn.-based company that sells mobile and portable satellite antennas. The 17.5-by-16-by-16-inch device receives power through the coax connection with the Dish set-top, which must be plugged into a power outlet.

A video demo of the Tailgater is available at Dish provides more info on the product at